This is the life!!

Had a lovely walk this afternoon with some of the young people, one of them has a great talent for photography!!

1 month since I moved!!

It’s been 1 whole month since I moved to Romania and I’m starting to feel comfortable… most of the time.

Not a great deal happened last Thursday, I spent a lot of time reading up on activities to do with the kids on Pinterest, learning more Romanian and playing table football with the children. I also got to see Maya’s kittens, who have now opened their eyes! I felt very down and missed home a lot, so I called my mum and later on my dad, and it made me feel better to talk to them. My dad suggested I make a herb garden with coriander…

Wierd how these things happen! I woke up on Friday morning, went downstairs and saw someone doing some gardrening, so I helped. We made a lovely little salad garden… with coriander. Making our little garden took all morning and by midday I was hot, sweaty, aching, covered in mud and very happy. The lovely lady I was making the garden with let me use her bath, which was much needed by this point!

Everyone spent the afternoon relaxing or sleeping after a morning working in the sun, so i took the opportunity to read for a few hours. We’d had a huge delivery of watermelons in the morning and moved 200 of them into the storeroom after dinner. As you can probably imagine, by the end of the day I was in agony, but sometimes, like on this day, it’s worth the pain

I didn’t have a great day on Saturday. J spent a lot of it learning more Romanian (a daily occurence), doing laundry and watching Lord of the Rings with Swedish (?) subtitles. One of the dogs bit me as I walked past, as he had been sleeping. I’m now a lot more cautious around this dog, although so long as you don’t surprise him he really is lovely.

It’s sinking in that I’m not going home now, and seeing everyone else’s lives move on back home is a daily reminder that I’m not part of that anymore. It’s difficult to move on from that part of my life, but I know that some of the friends I made during my time in Lincoln will always be there for me, because I’m lucky enough to have found some amazing people. On days like this, I’m thankful that I have Sertraline. As much as I hate to admit it, I think that without anxiety medication this month would have well and truly overwhelmed me, and I may not have stuck it out (puppies also help).

Sunday was an interesting day. After walking to and from church in the rain, the barbers turned up. There were a lot of them, I don’t think anyone expected quite two many people! They set up shop outside and somehow made cutting hair into a festival, complete with barbecue! It was a lot of fun.

Later on I walked to the park with the children, a glorious storm was brewing (see artsy accidental photo). As we were walking down the hill to the park, i tripped and really hurt my leg, my hip had subluxated the day before and falling on it managed to make the pain worse than it was when I did it! I needed help to get the rest of the way down the hill and had to take my codeine when I got back. I had to use my walking stick around my room for the rest of the night (No, I don’t use it outside, I hate it, and you can tell me as much as you like that if I need it I should use it, it doesn’t stop me feeling like a twat).

Monday was another good day. I sat with the children doing my Romanian work while they did their homework on the morning, and in the afternoon I did origami (frogs and cranes) and building drawing (with perspective) with the children- simultaneously. Surprisingly, this worked rather well, as when bored of one thing they could do something else. It was very difficult for me trying to explain and help in a weird mix of English and Romanian though.

Yesterday morning I spent in the office, organising files and project paperwork. In the afternoon I tried to do paper weaving with the children, an activity I had seen on Pinterest, however, everyone, me included, found it difficult once we got passed the first stage and everyone got bored very quickly.

I spent the evening hand prepping resources for today’s activities at Valea Screzi- one of the other sites.

This morning I made simple ‘dreamcatchers’ out of old fabric and pencils- something I remember doing a lot as a child with my older brother. Some children got the hang of it, others found it more difficult, but it seemed to be fun either way. As always with younger children, however, one by one the got bored and drifted of to play. Eventually I managed to communicate to them to play a game all together, which ended up going rather well.

This afternoon I made paper mosaics with the mothers using the templates I had drawn out last night. It appeared to go very well, as when it was time to pack up there was some reluctance and unfinished mosaics were put on one side to complete later.

I’m really looking forward to seeing my friends next week at Electric Castle. Words can’t express how excited I am! I have missed them so much, and having this to look forward to has kept me going in many dark moments.